Join us for our 2022 Virtual Open House!  This is an opportunity for us to share our programs with you and for you to explore the benefits of longevity in a Montessori environment. This year’s Open House will be conducted virtually via Zoom.

Guides from each community will share a presentation detailing their program and then host a question and answer session. This will provide an opportunity to meet guides and learn about our programs for students as they age through the Montessori curriculum. We encourage you join the Open Houses for each community beyond your child’s current classroom. The sessions will be recorded so you can view them even if you can’t make it live.

Toddler: RE-SCHEDULED to Tuesday, January 25 @ 4 pm
Early Childhood (3-6 years): Tuesday, January 11 @ 4 pm
Lower Elementary (1st-3rd grade): Wednesday, January 12 @ 4 pm
Upper Elementary (4th-6th grade): Monday, January 10 @ 4 pm
Adolescent (7th-8th grade): Thursday, January 13 @ 4 pm