Art classes follow the child’s developmental needs. Young children are developing coordination and fine motor skills. In art, students extend these skills while developing an aesthetic sense. Students are introduced to a variety of media such as drawing, painting, collage, and ceramics. Using these materials, students begin to work with introductory concepts including line, shape, self-portraiture, and landscape.

As children grow, they are introduced to more advanced art concepts including the elements of art (line, shape, value, texture, space, color, and form) and the elements of design (pattern, repetition, emphasis, balance, contrast, and unity). Students continue to explore art media while refining skills using pencils, pastels, chalk, oil pastels, watercolors, and acrylic paint.

Older students choose from a variety of classes such as Calligraphy, Printmaking, and Collaborative Art.  Students also receive special instruction on integrating art concepts into classroom projects.